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If there was a way that you could bring more customers into your business, would you be interested in trying it?

Today I would like to share with you an example of how to effectively use Facebook Ads in conjunction with a lead capture funnel to really skyrocket your lead generation and client growth efforts. In this example, we look at a funnel for a restaurant; however these same exact principles are effective for almost any local business.

Many businesses will barely give a second thought to chunking out money to a local radio or TV station, because they understand the importance of advertising. However, with this form of advertising, it is hard to gauge how many people will be reached and the demographics of the people reached. For instance, you have no way of knowing who is going to pick up a newspaper or even the see the page with your ad on it. Likewise, you have no idea how many people will be tuned into a specific radio station when you ad airs. With Facebook Ads, you can get a good estimate of your target audience before even starting. You can also track exactly how many leads a campaign generates, enabling you to know exactly what your ROI is each month.

One key aspect that you must understand is that people don’t go to Facebook with the intent of buying something; they go to see what family and friends are up to, or to watch funny animal clips, or whatever else intrigues them. With that being said, there are still thousands of businesses that have capitalized on the power of Facebook Ads and have significantly grown their businesses. You just have to know what works and what catches people’s attention to the point that they want to click through your ad to the offer.

On the flip side, there are also a lot, if not more, people who have been burned by the experience of trying to advertise on Facebook. Typically, they have heard some success story about how a business grew exponentially through Facebook advertising, then decided to go try it on their own because they couldn’t afford or didn’t want to hire an experienced agency to do it for them. More often than not, these people found out the hard way that it is not just a matter of making a post on your business page and hitting the boost button! That line of thought has left many businesses wasting money on Facebook Ads with little or nothing to show for it, except the feeling of frustration and failure, and thinking Facebook Ads do not work.

Maybe you have tried Facebook Ads in the past with little or no results to show for it and gave up thinking that Facebook Ads just don’t work. Don’t feel alone, this is very common and has happened to many people who have not learned the proper techniques to setting up a Facebook Ad campaign and marketing funnel properly.


Facebook Marketing Benefits


Before we move into the inner workings of our funnel, it is important to realize the benefits and what you stand to gain from a properly setup Facebook Marketing Funnel. Benfits include:

Advanced Demographic Targeting
Brings New Customers Into Business
Captures Customer Information For Future Promotions
Increases Repeat Business
Business Marketing Is Tax Deductible
Increases Overall Long-Term Business Revenue


The Key Components


There are 5 key components that make up a successful lead generation campaign using Facebook Ads. These key components include:


  1. Enticing Facebook Offer
  2. Advanced Ad Targeting
  3. Landing Page (aka Opt-In Page)
  4. Thank You Page (with encouragement to call now)
  5. Simple Follow-Up Email Sequence

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Enticing Facebook Offer


There are 2 main aspects that make up an enticing Facebook offer:

  1. A narrowly targeted, intriguing sales offer your people are hungry for.
  2. A product or service of perceived high value to offer for free (or at little cost).

There are many different approaches to this, depending on your menu selection and what you carry. Below is just one example that has worked very well in the past.




Remember, people do not go to Facebook with the intention of buying something. You have to give them an offer good enough to grab their attention and make them want to click through.

You may be asking yourself, “Wait….but if I’m giving away a discount or something free, won’t I be losing money?” The answer is yes, on that particular product, but in the example above, how many people with birthdays are going to possibly bring in several friends with them that are going to spend money? There’s a good chance that this approach is going to bring in additional business that you would have otherwise not received. Also, always be prepared to have an upsell once they are in your place of business.

One other important aspect to remember, is that even though you are intially offering a discount to your product or service, if the customers have a good experience, chances are high that they will become a repeat customer which will in turn add long-term growth as you bring in more and more new customers that will continue to do business with you paying full price.

Advanced Ad Targeting


This is one area that can greatly influence how much your cost per click and overall ROI will be. This subject is very in-depth and beyond the scope of this article, but I recommend studying how this works. There are both free and paid, advanced courses. To start off, I would recommend taking the free training available on the Facebook website called Facebook Blueprint. Simply search Google for that term and you should see it listed.

detailed targeting

Check Out A Live Funnel In Action!

Test Drive Our Done-For-You Funnel!

Landing Page (aka Opt-In Page)


Many people make the mistake of posting an ad on Facebook and then send them to either their homepage or a general contact page on the website. This is a costly mistake and often results in losing the potential lead altogether. First of all, as mentioned earlier, the ad itself needs to be targeted towards a specific audience that you can also target in the demographics section of the Facebook Ad campaign setup. If somebody clicks on the ad, they are obviously somewhat interested in your offer. To capitalize on this, you should send them to a custom landing page that reflects the same offer that they saw in the ad. Also, there should not be any other links or menu items to distract from the offer. This gives you the highest percentage of converting traffic from the ad into leads that have filled out the capture form.


Thank You Page (with encouragement to call now)


As soon as the lead has entered their information, they should be directed to some kind of thank you page with instructions on what to do with the offer they will be receiving via email. Inevitably, not everyone who enters their information to receive your offer will make it in to your place of business to redeem that offer. One way to maximize the number of people who redeem the offer is to make an even better offer on the confirmation page. This is typically a time based offer encouraging them to call now or act quickly, such as the one below.


Claim your voucher within the next 72 hours and receive a complimentary dessert! Just show the confirmation email to the hostess with the time stamp to claim your bonus!

This creates a sense of urgency and an even better offer if they act quickly.



Simple Follow-Up Email Sequence


After building out the landing page, you will need to integrate some kind of autoresponder software in order to email the voucher to the lead, unless you want to manually respond to the leads. A word of advice, if you plan on personally emailing the leads, you will need to stay on top of them and respond as soon as you can. Many times when people enter their information through a lead capture form, if they do not receive an email right away, they move onto something else and could possibly overlook your email later, at which point you’ve completely lost the lead.

Make sure you learn how to properly setup the Facebook pixel code on the landing page and thank you page. That way you can track conversions from your ads and also retarget individuals who clicked on your ad, but did not submit their information on the landing page. If they have already shown an interest but not yet converted into a lead, it is often beneficial to continue targeting them with ads through Facebook.

If you would like to see a working example of this funnel, just click the link below. We also offer a done-for-you service, in which all of this is setup and managed, starting from the Facebook Ad campaing itself, all the way to the autoresponder. Our done-for-you service allows you to focus on what you do best, which is running your business, while harnessing the lead generating power of Facebook Ads without the hassle of learning how to implement a marketing funnel.

We offer a NO-OBLIGATION TEST DRIVE of this service. Simply click the button below to find out more.

Check Out A Live Funnel In Action!

Test Drive Our Done-For-You Funnel!

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